Manischewitz: The Too Sweet Kosher Wine

Pete Capella
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In 1888, the B. Manischewitz Company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1927, the Manischewitz winery was established in Canandaigua, New York and has been the leading producer of kosher wine in the United States ever since. And that is unfortunate.


Manischewitz is known for its sweet (and we mean sweet) concord wine made from the lambrusco grape. The wine is combined with an incredible amount of residual sugars and also contains corn syrup. This makes for an almost unbearable sweetness, especially when attempting to enjoy with meals. This often makes the taste of Manischewitz the butt of many a joke.


Now lets be fair, the reason “Man-O Manischewitz” is so sweet did not start off as a choice, but more of a necessity. At the time, a majority of the Jewish community was settled in the Northeast part of the United States, and the grape variety was limited, to say the least. There was a need to produce kosher wine for the High Holidays that stayed true to Jewish law, so they made do with what they had. The grapes actually produced an unpalatable bitter wine, so residual sugars and corn syrup were added to make the wine drinkable. And the recipe stuck.

Remember, during this High Holiday season, your choices are not limited to “the Man.” Check out The Savory’s feature on kosher wines HERE.

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