Marge Simpson in Cake Form is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Matthew Loffhagen
Instagram/Letterpress Bakery
(Photo: Instagram/Letterpress Bakery)

Hey, that sure is a cool picture of Marge Simpson, huh? Nice, bold design, a fun cutaway concept with a conveyer belt inside her head – yes sir, this certainly is a fun little drawing.

Wait, what’s that you say? This isn’t a drawing?

It’s a cake?!

That’s right – Letterpress Bakery in Vancouver, Canada has created an absolutely beautiful cake that looks like Marge Simpson, using an awful lot of brightly colored icing, and, one must assume the patience of a saint.

This delicious thing is absolutely beautiful, but don’t be fooled by the making-of video that Letterpress have shared on Instagram – just because this looks quick and easy in the short montage doesn’t mean that this is something you can do at home without a lot of preparation, practice, and luck.

What’s particularly fun is the black icing that’s used to give everything a cartoonish edge, making the whole cake look like a cartoon drawing that’s burst into life, ready to be eaten.

This thing would be an absolute travesty to actually start carving up to eat. That said, if given half a chance, we’d willingly channel our inner Homer to do the deed and chomp our way through Marge’s elegant, swan-like neck.

After all, Marge, like Pinchy, would have wanted it this way.

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