Watch This Dude Scarf Down 100 St. Louis BBQ Pork Ribs In One Sitting

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube / Matt Stonie)

The latest challenge for Matt Stonie? Over 15,000 calories of St. Louis-style barbecue spare ribs.

Last time we checked in on the competitive eater, he was inhaling 13 pounds of milk and cookies.

On Wednesday, he eschewed the sweet for the savory, attempting to eat 100 ribs ($255.55 worth) in one sitting. Due to some poor counting skills, he ended up eating (he thinks) 103 in under 50 minutes.

In 2015, Stonie set a record by eating 71 pork ribs in just five minutes. But because the ribs in his recent challenge were made in traditional St. Louis fashion, they took far longer to consume.

“The thing is I can’t use my traditional rib eating techniques because these are St. Louis-style ribs, they’re supposed to kind of stick to the bone,” Stonie says after eating the first 10 ribs in just over four minutes. “They’re not really fall-off-the-bone ribs. So I can’t do my traditional techniques and stuff that I do at rib contests.” 

Two years ago, Stonie told GQ he sorta fell into the competitive eating world.

“It all started off when I was just going to college: I was 19-years-old and there was a lobster roll eating contest five minutes away from my house,” he said. “It was 1,000 bucks if you won the contest, and even if you didn’t win, you got free lobster rolls. So I signed up, and on my first go I beat the guy who was expected to win by half a lobster roll.”

If you think you could come close to consuming this many ribs in one sitting, Stonie very much doubts it.

“I think there are two misconceptions [about competitive eating]. One is that we just show up and eat a lot of food, and two is about how hard it is,” he told GQ. “I talk to people and they say, ‘Oh, I could never do what you do, I could probably eat like, three racks of ribs,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t think you can.’ What we do is not easy.”