McDonald’s Brings the Heat with New Sriracha Special Sauce

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Huy Fong Foods)

Remember that whole Sriracha shortage the world freaked out about a while back? Yeah—that appears to be over, because McDonald’s has just partnered with the infamous hot sauce brand to create a new flavor of sauce being tested at special locations around San Diego!

The new sauce is somewhat of a Sriracha and Big Mac special sauce hybrid and so far no one’s complaining. It’s reportedly made with white cheddar, kale, spinach, crispy onions, tomato and a house blend of Sriracha and traditional Big Mac sauce. Packed with heat and loaded with flavor, the Sriracha-infused dip is one of the chain's three new sauce flavors that also include pico guacamole and maple bacon dijon.


According to Discover San Diego, the flavor options are part of the restaurant’s signature crafted menu that aims to give guests more options when ordering. Just last April, the burger giant unveiled a hip new self-service coffee kiosk in Chicago where patrons can select, customize and pay for their coffee orders without the hassle of waiting in line at the register.


The Sriracha, pico guacamole and maple bacon dijon special sauces are available at participating restaurants in San Diego County and were created with the intention of bringing a more customized flavor to McDonald's sandwiches and burgers. From fresh made-to-order beef patties being tested in Dallas to garlic fries being served in San Francisco, the fast food chain is REALLY trying to revamp its image—and it just might be working.