McDonald’s French Fries Just Received a Curly New Makeover

Tina Rivera
(Photo: Shutterstock)

From bottomless French fries being served up at a McDonald’s in Missouri to the addition of Gilroy garlic fries in San Francisco, it appears the world’s number one burger joint is finally giving it’s beloved deep fried potato strips the spotlight it deserves. Because seriously—what’s a burger without some fries to go with it?!

The latest addition to McDonald’s expanding menu of French fries now includes crispy CURLY fries that can be enjoyed alongside anything ranging from a classic Big Mac to the fast food chain’s Dr. Pepper McFloat. Even more surprising than the curly fries itself, the new Twist and Shake Fries are being offered with a CRAB flavored salt and pepper seasoning to top it all off. Weird? Yes, but it’s probably worth at try, at least once—right? Hmm…

McDonald's Singapore

Unfortunately for us people located in America, we can’t get our hands on the crab-flavored Twist and Shake Fries even if we tried. They’re only available in Singapore and are part of the country’s local-themed menu that includes other limited edition offerings such as a new Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger, Spicy Nuggets with pepper flakes, and an exotic Gula Melaka McFlurry with layer cake bites and coconut palm sugar flavoring.

While Asia may be the new home of crab-flavored curly fries, over 600 East Coast McDonald’s locations in the US are offering fresh lobster rolls now through the month of August. The fast food giant swears they’re made with 100 percent wild caught lobster meat and are priced at an affordable $8.99 per roll.