McDonald’s of Japan Has a Neon Green Float, and Westerners Are Jealous

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Instagram/wakanai25)

Japan always gets the coolest stuff.

McDonald’s is no exception – time after time, the restaurant chain has announced awesomely weird foods specifically for the Japanese market, from pumpkin and chocolate flavored fries, to wasabi dipping sauces.

Now, one item that’s been on sale for months has caught the attention of Western internet users, as they rage in jealousy over a bright green soda float that their Japanese friends are enjoying.


Went looking for the Sakura Float…maybe a different McDonald’s. Still enjoyed this one. #melonfloat

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The Melon Float is comprised of luminous green Fanta Melon Twist that has a healthy dollop of ice cream plopped into the top. Naturally, this sounds absolutely amazing, and the drink’s intriguing color only serves to make it appear irresistible to Westerners.

The drink’s been on sale since earlier this year, but a recent article from Metro Food has brought it to people’s attentions, as Westerners find themselves desperately craving a drink that they’ll never be able to taste.

As frustrating as it might be, it’s clear that McDonald’s has a particularly talented team of innovators working for its Japanese market. Come on, America! Pick up the pace and give us some delicious local variants to the classic McDonald’s formula!

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