McDonald’s New Cheese Smoothie Actually Sounds Pretty Darn Delicious!

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

The idea of a cheese smoothie doesn’t exactly sounds like something that most McDonald’s fans would be interested in.

Cheese is great, when it’s on a burger. Mixed with ice cream and fruit, though, it sounds pretty nauseating.

Thankfully, McDonald’s of Japan hasn’t done the usual thing of mixing a bunch of ridiculous and disgusting flavors together just to give customers something weird to eat. Their new fall menu features a berry smoothie that actually sounds like it’ll be absolutely delicious, even and indeed especially because of the inclusion of cheese.

We’re not talking about the same thin squares of cheese that go onto a burger here, nor is it some kind of nacho-ice cream abomination.

McDonald's Cheese Smoothie
Source: McDonald’s

The McDonald’s cheese smoothie, known as the Fluffy Cheese Mousse and Mixed Berry Grape Smoothie, is made with whipped cream, pureed grapes, a mixed-berry sauce, and topped with cranberries and blackberries.

Oh, and to top it all off, it comes with a scoop of mascarpone cheese mousse.

Mascarpone cheese, by the way, if often used in a variety of different desserts. It’s commonly included in cheesecake, which is probably the best way to some this smoothie up – it’s a berry cheesecake smoothie, without the crunchy base.

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? This thing sounds amazing!

It’s a shame there’s not some kind of crumbly, crunchy element to this as well, but then, this isn’t meant to actually be a cheesecake smoothie – it’s meant to be berries with mascarpone cheese, and for what it’s worth, that sounds like it should do the job all by itself.

The smoothie will go on sale from September 20 in Japan, and we can only hope that this concoction will eventually make its way to Western shores as well.

It all goes to show that just because a McDonald’s item sounds horrifyingly disgusting, that doesn’t mean it can’t also sounds fantastically delicious when properly explained.