McDonald’s Serving Up Mozzarella Sticks That Don’t Even Contain Cheese

Justin Caffier
(Photo: OBSEV / McDonald's)

Sometimes, after a long day, or a night out, or a bout of crippling depression, you want to exercise your God-given right as an American to slowly kill yourself with deep-fried fatty foods.

McDonald’s, as part of their recent identity crisis campaign, made that act a whole lot easier with the addition of Mozzarella sticks to their “McPick 2” menu.

The cheesy, limp logs seemed to be somewhat of a hit for the fast food company with their $1 price point.  Unfortunately, many customers who ordered the snack were greeted with fried sticks as hollow as the promises McDonald's makes of belly-filling grub.

A number of disgruntled customers took to Twitter to complain.

Did the cheese leak out of a number of these sticks while in the fryer? Is there a vast conspiracy by corporate to rob citizens of their cheese? Are some dishonest customers taking a bite of the tip, pulling the congealed cheese out, and sending fraudulent photos to Mickey D’s in order to snag some coupons? (Probably a few.)

Whatever the source of this mystery, McDonald’s has yet to respond. You’ll have to check out the evidence below and draw your own conclusions.

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