McDonald’s Now Has a Vegan Burger, But You Will Never Get to Eat One


(Photo: McDonald's)

Do you love McDonald’s but hate the ethical quandary that comes from eating meat?

Well, worry no more! After years of insisting that their burgers are definitely made of high quality meat products, McDonald’s has introduced a new burger that absolutely, definitely doesn’t contain any real meat whatsoever.

The McVegan (what else were they going to call it?) is made up of a soy patty, topped with a tomato slice, lettuce, onion, pickles, and sweetcorn of all things, alongside a blob of vegan friendly McFeast sauce, all wrapped up in a tasty McDonald’s bun.

There’s no cheese (obviously), no beef, and no guilt. This thing is about as healthy and environmentally friendly as anything from McDonald’s could ever possibly be.

Unfortunately, it’s also completely unavailable for consumers throughout most of the world.

The McVegan is currently a trial burger, appearing only for six weeks, between October 4 and November 21.

What’s worse, it’s also only available in Tampere, Finland, where McDonald’s presumably believes that this burger will have the greatest appeal.

While it’s true that the majority of Americans would run screaming at the mere suggestion of a burger that’s vegan friendly, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those of us who would relish the chance to try a McDonald’s meal that didn’t involve the suffering of any animals (apart from the poor soul who had to cook this thing, but they don’t count).

It’s especially galling considering how good this thing looks in all the social media posts that are currently flowing out of Finland, where happy vegans are embracing the chance to eat a major chain burger that’s also free from animal products.

Maybe one day, if we’re really lucky, this thing will make it across the Pond, and we’ll get to enjoy it in all its vegan glory.

When that day comes, just make sure you don’t order a milkshake to go along with it. That kind of defeats the point.