McDonald’s is Now Testing Fresh, Made-to-Order Beef Patties

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

From the introduction of garlic fries in San Francisco to a cleaner version of Chicken McNuggets, there appears to be no task McDonald’s isn’t willing to undertake! Available in select stores right meow, the world’s largest fast food chain has decided to roll out fresh, made-to-order beef patties for the first time ever.

Made out of the same grade beef as their frozen burgers, McDonald’s is testing the new concept at 14 locations in Dallas. Limited to menu items made with quarter pound burgers, the burger chain will provide fresh (aka not frozen) patties for offerings such as the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Bacon Clubhouse, and Homestyle Burger.

“Like all of our tests, this one too is designed to see what works and what doesn’t within our restaurants by considering the operational experience, customer response, price points and other important information which may inform future decisions,” said McDonald’s spokesperson, Lisa McComb. “It’s very premature to draw any conclusions from this test.”

With rising competition from burger chains such as In N Out and Shake Shack who refuse to use frozen beef, McDonald’s is hoping its made-to-order burgers will create mass appeal for today’s health-conscious customers. Testing has been ongoing since November, however freshly prepared beef patties would prove to be a huge undertaking for the restaurant’s 14,000 US locations.

According to Fortune, McComb was unable to disclose whether using fresh beef patties would slow down operations or increase menu prices at McDonald’s, however, it would definitely help improve the public’s perception of the American fast food brand.