McDonald’s Releases Fashion Line Based on Their Most Popular Burger

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

Need a way to show your love of McDonald’s that doesn’t involve carting around a lifesize statue of Ronald McDonald everywhere you go?

Of course you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Big Mac Hat
Source: McDonald’s

McDonald’s has announced a range of fashion accessories and clothing that are inspired by the restaurant’s most popular burger, the tiered treat that is the Big Mac. The fashion line includes a nice minimalist T-shirt, a subtle baseball cap, and an enormous bag that screams “Special Sauce” at the top of its metaphorical lungs.

Big Mac Bag
Source: McDonald’s

The choice is yours as to how much you draw attention to your love of the iconic McDonald’s burger, but if you think this is a weird idea in general, bear in mind that these products are designed for the Japanese market, where fashion is a little quirkier than you might be used to in your boring suburban Western neighborhood.

Big Mac T-Shirt
Source: McDonald’s

That said, if you do want to get your hands on your own McDonald’s cap, phone cover, or bag, you might be a little disappointed – these officially licensed products were only sold in limited quantities (just 300 of each were made available), and as they’ve pretty much all been snapped up by collectors, your only option for getting your own is to scour third party sellers like Yahoo Auctions (the big Japanese alternative to eBay).

If you’re going to try and hunt down some of these weird and wonderful fashion items, good luck to you! The rest of us will be sipping McDonald’s milkshakes and dreaming of what could have been, if only we were a little more bold about our love of the Golden Arches.

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