McDonald’s Serves Man Raw Chicken Burger, Prompts Online Outcry

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

Nobody’s expecting a Michelin star dining experience when they go to McDonald’s.

We can forgive sloppy burgers or fries that are a bit too greasy. It’s no big deal if the experience isn’t perfect.

One thing you wouldn’t expect, though, is for your chicken burger to be raw. Quite aside from the horrendously dangerous diseases that raw chicken spreads, a pink, gooey burger falls below the level of quality that anyone would expect from a McDonald’s restaurant.

New Zealand diner Philip Blake posted a picture of his uncooked Chick’n McCheese burger on the official McDonald’s Facebook page, along with a complaint that the restaurant staff at his local McDonald’s are “idiots” for serving this.

McDonald's Fail
Source: Facebook

The post in question has since mysteriously disappeared from Facebook (hence the fuzzy photo quality that’s all that’s left of it), but not before over three thousand customers reacted to the disgusting picture.

In defense, a McDonald’s representative argued that this is simply a numbers game:

“In the 30 million plus orders we’ve handled this year, we’ve had fewer than 20 complaints relating to undercooked food.”

Well, that’s reassuring.

Bear in mind that the next time you visit McDonald’s there’s approximately a one in a million chance that your burger might end up being deadly.

Make sure that your will states that, in the event of a McDonald’s related death, your relatives register a complaint with the company. If your sad tale of poisoning wins them a free Big Mac, your life won’t have been entirely in vain!

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