McDonald’s Summer Menu Now Includes Fresh Lobster Rolls


(Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's)

While most people casually hit up McDonald’s in search of a Big Mac and fries, the fast food chain has just announced it will be giving its menu a summer makeover with the addition of fresh, wild caught lobster rolls!

Available at over 600 East Coast locations beginning today, June 20, the anomaly that is a lobster roll being sold at McDonald’s doesn’t come too far out of left field: the burger giant has included the seasonal seafood item on its menu over a decade ago and reintroduced it for the first time last summer with “rave reviews” by lobster aficionados. The classic roll is made with 100 percent (!!) North Atlantic lobster meat lightly tossed with mayonnaise, layered on a crisp leaf with shredded lettuce and served on a home-style toasted roll.

"The return of the Lobster Roll is exciting for McDonald's because it was such a hit with our customers last summer," Suzanne Pingeton, McDonald's Marketing Director for the Boston Region said in a press release. "We aim to deliver diverse, quality menu items that resonate with the customers in our community, and we're proud to offer this regional favorite at such a great value."

In order to clear our minds of any “mystery meat” scandals that fast food companies have long been known for, McDonald’s has reassured us that each lobster is wild caught directly from established East Coast wharfs. “The lobster we supply to McDonald’s is a hand-picked, artisan quality product, caught by seasoned veterans of the industry,” a spokesperson for a regional McDonald’s lobster supplier stated. “This is the same quality lobster served at white tablecloth restaurants on the East Coast.”


The McDonald’s lobster roll will be available through mid-August at participating locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Albany, New York. Priced at $8.99 with only 290 calories, it may actually be worth a try.