McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Is Finally Returning!

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Twitter/McDonald's)

Wubba lubba dub dub! Dan Harmon and his legion of fans have done it! Szeuchuan sauce is about to return!

After an intense summer of online lobbying, avid fans of Rick and Morty have convinced the mighty McDonald’s franchise to bring back its 1998 promotional Mulan teriyaki Szechuan dipping sauce.

Back in April, when fans of weird, dimension-hopping sci-fi got a first glimpse at Rick and Morty’s third season, Rick delivered an impassioned speech about his love for the rare dipping sauce, which has now been missing from McDonald’s stores for nearly twenty years.

Following plenty of online attention from fans who suddenly realized that this sauce is all they want from life, but never knew it until Rick told them, McDonald’s has elected to produce more of the stuff – albeit in a very, very small quantity right now.

In a recent tweet, Dan Harmon revealed that, thanks to McDonald’s, he is now in possession of an entire enormous bottle of Szechuan sauce.

Harmon’s co-conspirator (and co-creator of Rick and Morty) Justin Roiland later tweeted out a more in-depth look at the pot of sauce, and the appropriately weird and wonderful letter that McDonald’s delivered alongside the bottle:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if there’ll be a full roll-out of this rare dipping sauce just yet – a tweet from McDonald’s has revealed that there are currently only four bottles of this stuff in existence, one of which now belongs to Harmon and Roiland.

It seems that McDonald’s is planning some kind of promotion for the remaining three bottles – perhaps a giveaway similar to the one that saw the restaurant chain handing out bottles of Big Mac sauce recently.

For the rest of us, there is hope. If the sauce is in production, we can’t be far away from a massive worldwide rollout. After all, McDonald’s would be crazy to give up an opportunity to make money from every eager Rick and Morty fan that finds themselves inexplicably obsessed with Szechuan nugget sauce.

Considering that next year is the twentieth anniversary of the Mulan promotion that first debuted the Szechuan sauce, it’s possible that McDonald’s might deliberately hold off producing more until then.

Alternatively, Disney is currently in pre-production on a live action adaptation of Mulan. It’s a few years away, but it’s hard to deny just how perfect it would be to start selling Szechuan sauce to the masses just in time for Mulan to return to theaters.

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