McDonald’s Is Testing Bacon Cheese Fries, Here’s Where to Find Them

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

McDonald’s fries are one of the inescapable simple pleasures in life; a truly universal experience that everybody (well, almost everybody) has tried at least once.

We all know the joy of a fresh, hot, crispy McDonald’s fry, just as we know the crushing disappointment of getting the limp, damp, greasy fries that are left over at the end of a long day.

No doubt you’ve heard the inside tips and tricks to getting the best possible fries – ideas like asking for them without salt so the restaurant has to cook them fresh – but now, McDonald’s is stepping things up a notch by creating a sharing platter of fries that are topped with nacho cheese and bacon.

Sharing platter, sure. Don’t patronize us, McDonald’s, we all know that, just like a box of twenty chicken nuggets, we’re never, ever going to share these with another human being.

Sadly, cheesy bacon fries aren’t a regular staple at McDonald’s restaurants across the country – not yet, anyway. At present, the world’s most famous burger chain is testing this new item at key stores in various secret locations.

No official word has come from McDonald’s about these fries just yet, but thanks to the power of the internet, intrepid fans are quickly organizing a hunt for everywhere they’re being served.

Thus far, according to Delish, the fries have been spotted in “Central West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, the Greater Pittsburgh area, or Southeast Ohio”, but we can hold out hope that other locations will pop up over time as well.

It’s hard to imagine that this won’t become one of the most popular options on McDonald’s menu – after all, who doesn’t love bacon and cheese? Even if you don’t live near to one of these locations, have no fear, the bacon cheese fries will eventually make their way to a restaurant near you.

It’s pretty much inevitable.

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