McDonald’s Uber Delivery Service is Expanding, and Might Now Finally Deliver to Your House


(Photo: McDonald's UberEats)

It’s all very well and good, McDonald’s offering a delivery service through UberEats, but it’s not actually helpful if the burger chain doesn’t actually allow delivery to your house.

Such has been the experience for the vast majority of McDonald’s fans, who’ve been left frustrated for almost a year now, knowing that somewhere in America, those who live near the 200 test restaurants were getting burgers delivered direct to their doors, while the rest of us have had to put up with going to the Drive-Thru like we’re trapped in the Dark Ages.

Well, no more! Finally, the Clown Prince of the fast food industry has deemed the masses to be worthy of fast, efficient delivery service.

McDonald’s has announced that their partnership with UberEats will extend to an additional 4,800 restaurants, allowing those with the munchies to enjoy Big Macs at home if they’re close enough to the 5,000 stores that offer delivery.

Make no mistake; this is definitely a business model that’s aimed at those who need quick food at 3am.

According to McDonald’s CFO Kevin Ozan:

“We’re seeing it appeal to younger consumers, and in college towns. They tend to group orders, so the average delivery check is about twice the average restaurant check.”

Apparently, over 60% of these delivery orders come in during the evenings or overnight, when college parties start getting hungry, and decide on a collective burger order.

McDonald’s has hinted that the restaurant may soon be offering bulk value deals specifically aimed at this market, so that those ordering from home in groups will be able to get a bunch of different food all thrown in together, rather than just ordering a personal meal each.

One thing’s certain: the future of McDonald’s definitely lies in trying to deliver as much food to drunk or otherwise inebriated kids as possible.

For those of us who live near enough to college towns, this is very good news indeed.