McDonald’s Unveils New Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry Just in Time for Easter

Tina Rivera
(Photo: obsev / mcdonalds)

McDonald’s has decided to give M&M’s and Oreos a run for their money with the release of its new Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry!

Just in time for Easter, the festive treat includes a “delicious mouthful of chocolate pieces and Crème Egg topping blended into a creamy soft serve.”  Cadbury eggs, which include a thick milk chocolate shell oozing with a creamy white-and-yellow filling, are one of the most iconic confections produced in the U.K.


The new Crème Egg McFlurry is loaded with cavity-inducing amounts of sugar with a jaw-dropping 54 grams per serving. The 380-calorie drink has come just in time for the Cadbury brand, as sales rapidly declined in 2015 after they switched to a cheaper, lower quality chocolate. While consumers were pissed, McDonald’s, already known for their substandard ingredients, saw it as a golden arch opportunity.

While the Crème Egg McFlurry will launch your sugar levels into overdrive, it may just be your best option if you’re craving something sweet from the world’s largest fast food chain. The Oreo McFlurry runs at 580 calories with 64 grams of sugar, while the M&M McFlurry will set you back 650 calories and 89 grams of sugar.

Before you rush to your nearest McDonald’s to get your hands on one of these, know that it’s only available for a limited time in Australia. Lucky for us Americans, we have the Shamrock Shake, just in time for St. Paddy’s Day. 

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