Military Scientists Develop Pizza That Will Stay Fresh for 3 Years


(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

Savvy food technologists have created a pizza that requires no refrigeration or freezing—and it lasts up to three years without spoiling!

Unlike McDonald’s, which accidentally makes food that lasts forever, researchers at a U.S. military lab in Natick, MA have been developing a recipe for pizza that doesn’t mold or go bad by using advanced Hurdle technology. Pizza is the number one ready-to-eat meal (MRE) requested by soldiers, and the recipe has been in development for five years.

"You can basically take the pizza, leave it on the counter, packaged, for three years and it'd still be edible," said Michelle Richardson, a food scientist with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

The pizza comes in a rectangular pouch and can be eaten straight out of the package, with a delightful taste resembling day-old pizza. Since pizza dough and sauce require the use of water, which may cause mold, food scientists used technology to create a series of barriers that control acidity and prevent bacteria from forming.

According to the scientists, the pizza is able to sit on a shelf at 80 degrees for three years. In 2017, the much-awaited pizza, identified as MRE #37, will be released to soldiers everywhere with the additional hope of boosting spirits with each bite of the ready-to-eat pie.

“In a lot of cases, when you are cold and tired and hungry, having a hot meal that’s something that you like and you would get at home, it increases your morale—and we consider that to be a force multiplier,” said David Accetta, a former Army lieutenant colonel and the lab’s spokesperson. 

Turkey pepperoni pizzas will be available for soldiers who don’t eat pork, while spaghetti and vegetarian tortellini are among other top MRE food choices requested by soldiers.