New Firework Oreos Are Filled With Pop Rocks-Like Candy

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: )

You could call the newest Oreo flavor "explosive."

Soon after its release in 1975, Pop Rocks—the carbonated candy that makes it feel like someone is unpeeling Velcro from the inside your head—has struggled against urban legends that continue to persist today.

Namely, that drinking a six-pack of Coca-Cola and eating six packets of Pop Rocks would kill a person via exploding stomach—this fate is supposed to have been suffered by the original Mikey character from Life cereal commercials.

Not that we needed more proof against the rumor, but MythBusters disproved it—though neither of the show's hosts was brave enough to act as a test subject.

That Pop Rocks isn't life-threatening is especially good news for fans of Oreos and its various seasonal varieties, because their newest edition, Firework Oreos, will be filled with something similar.

This isn't the result of a collaboration with Pop Rocks, so it appears Oreo produced their own carbonated candy to create this new, limited-edition concoction—maybe they stole our recipe.

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