Haagen-Dazs Is Releasing New Flavors. Prepare Yourself.


(Photo: Haagen-Dazs)

Do you have a sweet tooth? Need sweets on a near-constant basis? If so, I come bearing good news: There are new Haagen-Dazs flavors coming out for us to munch on. So take a look, and try not to drool too much.

First up is a flavor called “Trio Crispy Layers in Vanilla Caramel White Chocolate.” This ice cream includes vanilla and caramel ice cream with layers of crunchy white chocolate and caramel sauce.

This is what “Trio Crispy Layers in Coconut Caramel Chocolate” will look like. And I’m sure you’re already watering in the mouth a little bit. Coconut and chocolate ice cream mis with crispy Belgian milk chocolate and smooth caramel sauce for this flavor.

This is “Midnight Cookies and Cream.” And it includes chocolate fudge swirls, dark chocolate cookie pieces, and dark chocolate ice cream.

“Honey Salted Caramel Almond” is made of honey ice cream, salted-caramel swirls, and crunchy toasted almonds.

Now have a look at “Banana Peanut Butter Chip,” which features gobs of peanut butter and chocolaty chips swirled into banana ice cream.

“Trio Crispy Layers in Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate” has lemon and raspberry ice cream in between crispy white chocolate and sweet raspberry sauce.

OK, last one. Here are the “Haagen-Dazs Cookie Squares.” These sweet bois have ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie. And they dip the whole thing in a chocolate shell. They’re currently available in two flavors: vanilla and dulce de leche.

So which one of the new Haagen-Dazs flavors has you most excited?