New York City Just Hosted The Absolute Worst Pizza Festival of all Time

Matthew Loffhagen
New York City Pizza Festival
(Photo: New York City Pizza Festival)

The idea of a pizza festival sounds fantastic.

A load of pizza enthusiasts all gather together, eat some delicious food, and enjoy one another’s company. With enough variety of food and entertainment at one of these events, it’d be an obvious draw for crowds – especially in a city like New York, where pizza is so deeply baked (pun intended) into the public consciousness.

Alas, for those who attended the recent New York City Pizza Festival, things did not go as advertised. Lengthy lines of attendees were forced to wait for hours in order to get tickets – which, by the way, cost a whopping $75 each.

Attendees were then treated to tiny, nigh-offensive slices of pretty disgusting pizza as their reward. Yes, after waiting in line for hours and paying $75 to gain entry to the event, attendees were presented with this:

This is not okay.

According to Grub Street, while the festival had promised that thirty different vendors would be in attendance, when the event rolled around, the organizers had simply ordered five pizzas to feed everyone.

Five pizzas total. For hundreds of people. And they weren’t even good pizzas.

Eventually, after some persuasion, the event organizer has agreed to refund all tickets for customers who attended this, and a second burger event that was being held at the same time (that also reportedly had almost no food).

Hilariously, in announcing the refunds, the organizers of the event had the gall to complain about “clickbait” news reports criticizing their clearly absolutely terrible “festival”. Way to win over your angry customers, guys – keep on pretending that their complaints are unjustified clickbait.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what the worst food festival in the world might look like, now you know. Five pizzas, hundreds of people, and a ridiculous price tag.

Maybe if you see this thing advertised next year, just stay home and order your own pizza instead.