New York Katz’s Deli’s Cheese Sandwich Is An “Abomination,” Says The Internet

Matthew Loffhagen
Twitter/JR Hennessy
(Photo: Twitter/JR Hennessy)

The internet is not happy with Katz’s Deli in New York City.

Or, more fairly, the internet is not happy with anyone who goes to Katz’s, looking for a cheese sandwich.

The deli is famous for its tall-stacked meaty goodness, with plenty of thin slices of pastrami and ham, alongside some cursory salad vegetables, all contained between a couple of pieces of bread.

If, though, a customer sees fit to order a cheese sandwich, they get exactly what they ask for – a meal that’s the same height as a meaty alternative, but containing nothing but dairy products.

The internet is split over this “abomination”. Some people wonder how Katz’s can possibly serve something so shockingly cheesy without an attempt to add in extra ingredients to provide variety.

Some, for example, worry about the effect that this much cheese in a sandwich will have on the eater’s digestive system. It’s practically enough to turn anyone in the vicinity lactose intolerant simply by looking at it!

On the other hand, some commenters online are simply mad at anyone who would go to Katz’s Deli and not order a meaty pastrami sandwich.

You can’t go to Katz’s and order a cheese sandwich, they argue! If you do that, you pretty much deserve the horrors of a tall stack of cheese slices without anything to break it up!

No matter which side of this debate you happen to fall on, one thing is certain.

We all now know the best place to go in New York City if you’re looking for the cheesiest possible sandwich. What this thing lacks in variety, it more than makes up for by doing exactly what it says on the menu.

Just think – things could be a lot worse.

If this sandwich is the vegetarian option, imagine what Katz’s would do with a vegan sandwich!