New Yorkers Have Found The Perfect Way to Blend Running With Pizza

Matthew Loffhagen
NYC Pizza Run
(Photo: NYC Pizza Run)

Every year, New York plays host to a very unique pizza-themed athletic event.

The NYC Pizza Run is a 5k event, where crowds of runners gather together to race over a lengthy course.

What makes this event special is that along the way, there are various checkpoints. To encourage runners to keep going along the race, each checkpoint gives them two slices of pizza to eat.

This may sound like a lot of fun, but there’s a pretty difficult element of endurance to the race. After all, the only thing that’s worse than running, is running when you’re full of food, so while having a couple of slices of pizza to break up a race might sound like a good idea in theory, it can quickly become nauseating for anyone who hasn’t properly prepared, not only by training their running muscles, but also by practicing eating lots and lots and lots of pizza.

Oh, darn. Time to train for that 5k run. Better order a pizza.

The event, now in its fifth year, took place earlier this week in New York’s Fort Green Park in Brooklyn. Participants had to complete three full laps of the large park, eating two slices of pizza every time they finished a lap.

There’s some wisdom to having an event like this loop around – it means only a single location needs to be stocked with pizza, and it also means that spectators can cheer on their champions from the same spot without having to move to try and keep up with them.

Plus, as far as places to find good pizza go, you could do worse than Brooklyn.

The fastest time for this particular run was just under twenty minutes, which is an impressive time regardless of the amount of pizza consumed, but it’s safe to say that most attendees were there as much for the food as they were for the exercise, taking their time in between laps to consume their pizza as comfortably as possible, then slowly sloshing their way around the rest of the course in a leisurely fashion.


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Hey, if you’re doing that much exercise, you’ve justified a little pizza, right? These things all balance out!

(Disclaimer: the above sentiment is not at all how health works. You can’t exercise away bad diet.)

For all in attendance, this was a pretty good event, and one which will return next year should you wish to participate.

For those who’d like a more immediate combination of food and running, the same group that organized the NCY Pizza Run is also hosting a cupcake run in October. That somehow sounds even better!