Nobody Knows what Oreo’s New Flavor Actually Tastes Like


(Photo: Oreos)

There’s a new flavor of Oreos coming to stores near you!

There’s just one problem – nobody actually knows what the flavor is.

Okay, maybe some people do know. Presumably, at least one person at Oreos is aware of what the mystery flavor is. In order to keep everyone in suspense, though, Oreo has announced a competition to allow customers to try and figure out what they’re eating.

This contest isn’t to be sniffed at – the grand prize is a whopping $50,000.

So what kind of thing does the new Oreo taste like?

The problem is, nobody can really agree. Some people think it tastes like Froot Loops, while others think it might be Skittles or even lemon perfume flavor.

Source: Oreos

It’s basically something fruity, but the specifics of the flavor just can’t be nailed down.

Perhaps this is Oreo’s secret trick. Perhaps their flavor scientists simply mixed together a bunch of different ingredients without coming up with a name for the product, and now they’re hoping that customers will do the heavy lifting for them.

After all, does something artificial necessarily have to taste like an existing food in order to work? Why not just make up a brand new combination of different flavors in order to make something wholly original?

But, then, nobody would buy a mystery flavor Oreo instead of a more traditional experience – unless, of course, Oreo makes the new cookie’s bizarre original taste part of the fun, with a $50,000 grand prize for whoever can come up with the best answer.

This isn’t to condemn Oreo or anything – if this really is their sneaky strategy, that just makes the whole promotion all the more interesting.

The alternative possibility is that whatever this flavor is based on, it’s so disgusting and weird that Oreo needs to hide the truth from the public.

Imagine if this were made of fruit bat sweat, or rotten lemons. For all we know, the taste might be amazing, but we’d never try them, because they sound gross!

Sneaky, Oreos! Very sneaky indeed!