Now Your Lyft Will Take You to Taco Bell at the Press of a Button

Matthew Loffhagen
Source: Lyft/Taco Bell
(Photo: Source: Lyft/Taco Bell)

Okay, so you’re in your Lyft (possibly because you’re opposed to Uber’s sketchy employment practices, or maybe you just like to be different), it’s late at night, and you’re hungry.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could quickly and easily grab some Taco Bell on the way to your destination?

Because this is 2017, and that’s all anyone really wants from life by this point, this is now possible for those travelling near to the Newport Beach Taco Bell in Orange County. The Lyft app will display a special setting called “Taco Mode” that will allow users to let their driver know that their route home from a night out should involve a visit to Taco Bell’s drive through.

Too bad if you want McDonald’s – you’ll have to tell your driver personally, as if you’re back in the Dark Ages.

Taco Mode will only be available between the hours of 9pm and 2am (almost as if Lyft is anticipating that the Drive Thru will mostly be of appeal to drunks on their way home from a bar), but will, should the test prove a success, be rolled out to a larger geographical area, potentially nationwide.

So if you have any interest in grabbing a taco on the way home from the club in Newport, it’s definitely worth trying out this new service.

Just maybe don’t ask for it if you’re partying in Boston. It’d be a long, long drive to get to Orange County just for a taco.

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