Nutritionist Claims It’s Healthier to Eat Two McDonald’s Burgers Instead of One

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

Do you enjoy eating at McDonald’s, but worry about the health risks of consuming such greasy, fried food? Are you looking for ways to make your burger dining experience more balanced and tummy-friendly?

If so, you might be interested in hearing what one nutritionist has to say on the subject of McDonald’s ordering.

According to registered dietitian Emily Field, instead of eating a single burger every time you go to McDonald’s, it’s healthier to eat two burgers.

Don’t go rushing out to buy a pair of Extra Value Meals just yet, though – Field’s theory works on the understanding that you ditch the fries. Two burgers, she argues, are a better balance of different types of nutrition, than simply loading up on carbs with a load of fried potato sticks.

Two McDonald's Burgers
Source: McDonald’s

Burgers are made of up carbs in the form of the bun, as well as protein and fat from the patty. There may also be some relish or lettuce in there, but we’ll let those slide. By comparison, fries are pure carbohydrates, meaning you’re not getting a good balance of different energy sources.

Thus, according to Field, if you eat two burgers, your body will get more actual fuel, you’ll feel more satiated, and you won’t just load up on fattening carbs.

Of course, this novel approach to McDonald’s nutrition is far from universally accepted. Just because one dietitian on the internet tells you to do a thing, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your personal diet.

If you are concerned about getting fat from too much McDonald’s, though, and you don’t want to deal that that problem by simply avoiding eating at a burger joint, you may want to try ditching the fries and just eating a couple of hamburgers instead.

Too bad the fries are the best part of the meal, then, huh?