Official Bacon-Flavored Oreos Are the Rarest Cookies in Existence

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Instagram/Oreos)

Back in May, Oreo started asking fans to submit their own ideas for potential new flavors on Twitter. Naturally, the responses varied wildly, from genuinely good ideas, to downright bizarre options that would leave consumers with an awful taste in their mouths.

Having collected a huge number of these wacky flavor ideas, though, Oreo has done something that nobody could have seen coming – they actually made the best flavor choices a reality, and have mailed tiny personalized boxes of the cookies to the people who suggested the flavors!

What’s surprising about this is the amount of research and development must have gone into making these various flavors. Someone at Oreo had to spent a long time working on these creations, but most only will only ever be produced in a small quantity. Those who are enjoying their own flavors made real might be the only people outside of Oreo to ever get to try these creations.

Oreo has kept mum about exactly how many flavor suggestions have been made real, but we do know about many of them – these include avocado, raspberry Danish, cherry cola, carrot cake, and nuts n’ honey.

There are also weirder flavors, though, including coffee, avocado, and notably, bacon.

These Oreos exist in such tiny quantities that we may never get to see them in the wild, but it’s nice to know that they’re out there somewhere and that someone has enjoyed a bacon flavored Oreo, even if the experience won’t be shared by the majority of us any time soon.

To their credit, many of the people who’ve received their personalized Oreo creations have been posting them on Twitter, and the little boxes that they come in look absolutely amazing.

Perhaps the moral of this story is that when Oreo asks for flavors, they’ll genuinely give any weird idea a try.

Here’s hoping that one day the bacon Oreos will see a wider release, though – it’s one of those novelty experiences that you’d have to try at least once!

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