This Busy US City Is About to Get a Permanent Official Nutella Restaurant

Matthew Loffhagen
Nutella Cafe
(Photo: Nutella Cafe)

Time to rejoice, citizens of Chicago! Your fair city is about to be graced by the United States’ first permanent, dedicated Nutella restaurant!

Yes, it’s time to start envying the residents of the Windy City, as they’ll now have the opportunity to visit the Nutella Café, a place where all your wildest breakfast dreams come true. Boasting an impressively diverse menu including crepes, pastries, waffles, pancakes, gelato, and even fondue, this permanent new addition to the city’s diverse range of shops is set to become the dream dining location for fans of hazelnut spread.

Nutella Ice Cream
Source: Nutella

In addition to sweeter, nutty menu items, the Nutella Café will also serve a variety of savory options, such as sandwiched, paninis, and soups – all of which will be serves sans-Nutella. Whether you consider this a blessed relief or a crushing disappointment will depend on your personal love of the stuff.

The restaurant will open its doors for the first time in two weeks, on May 31, at 10am. While this might be a little late for some diners to consider having breakfast (you’re most of the way to Elevenses by that point, after all), it’s worth attending the big launch, as the first four hundred customers to walk through the doors will receive special surprise gifts.

That certainly makes the whole experience worth a try, right? After all, it’s Nutella!

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