Oreo’s New S’mores Flavor Is Now A Thing

Kimlai Yingling
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Oreo cookies are one of those "always gotta have an extra bag" kind a cookie thats good no matter how you eat it. Whether you crumble them up into little bite size pieces for a milk shake or sprinkle on top of ice cream, deep fry them for the ultimate oreo experience, pull them apart to eat the middle first or just dunk them in milk. The Oreo folks are just as creative as the consumer coming up with crazy flavors that are delicious and some not so delicious (hint: the watermellon Oreo).

The S'mores release was teased in February and no one knew whether or not it was real. Well, us folks at the Savory are here to tell you, the limited edition S'more Oreo cookies are for real and will be here just in time to make it the party this weekend.

Need more Oreo cookie out of the box ideas? We got you covered.





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