This Picture of Ham Is the First Viral Optical Illusion of 2017

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Reddit.)

What do you get when you cross famed optical illusion "The Dress" with meat? No, not Lady Gaga's meat dress—but the first optical illusion trend of 2017.

On January 5, Reddit user MelvinDickpictweet posted a picture of what looks to be blurry, out-of-focus ham.


But upon further examination, you'll notice something's off—if the picture is so out of focus, why is the packaging, and the table, for that matter, so crystal clear?

Photoshop? A visual phenomenon the layperson has yet to hear of?

Or perhaps, as commenter GeraldBWilsonJr suggests, it's "a cut of Bigfoot meat."

But none of the above is true—it's actually just a particular type of ham sliced so thin it's translucent, making it appear as if you're seeing several versions of the same slice of ham, while in reality you can see through the layers.

To convince the world it's a normal, non-mythological cut of pig flesh, Mr. Dickpictweet posted a video of the same cut of meat.

“Proof for all those who doubted the realness of the ham," the Redditor wrote.

"And no, it's not prosciutto, it's Coburger ham. Dutch, you know. And therefore wafer thin."

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