Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream Exists, and Here’s Where to Get Some

Matthew Loffhagen
Instagram/Little Baby's Ice Cream
(Photo: Instagram/Little Baby's Ice Cream)

Boy, it’s getting hot! On sunny days like today, there’s only one way to relax and escape the heat.

Head down to your local ice cream parlor, and get yourself a delicious cone of pizza flavored ice cream.

Oh, your local store doesn’t sell this? Sucks to be you – locals nearby Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia have the opportunity to try this unusual new take on a classic frozen dessert.


Pizza: A Total Suitable Dinner Pizza Ice Cream: ________

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The flavor for this apparently comes from “tomato, oregano, basil, salt and garlic”, all classic pizza ingredients that would taste amazing on a pie, but which might sound a little unorthodox to many ice cream fans.

Considering Little Baby’s Ice Cream is also famous for flavors including crickets and tomato soup, it’s probably worth being thankful that the parlor stopped short of slapping a slice of pepperoni on the top.

While pizza ice cream might not sound like your idea of a fun time, it’s hard to deny the appeal of at least giving it a try. If you happen to be in the area, there are probably worse places to get an ice cream on a sunny day.

You’re forgiven if you don’t want to eat it served on a literal slice of pizza, though.

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