Pizza Hut Explains Why You Need To Order a Cheesy Pie To Watch The Solar Eclipse


(Photo: Twitter/Pizza Hut)

The solar eclipse is almost upon us, and Pizza Hut is giving out handy tips on the most important part of the experience.

Do not stare directly at the sun during a solar eclipse (or at any other time). Instead, look at it through a pizza box.

Yes, Pizza Hut is encouraging us all to order pizza to watch the eclipse, and yes, to a certain extent, that’s a shallow marketing ploy. But their advice is still solid – one technique for watching the eclipse involves a pinhole projection made out of a carboard box, and if you’re looking for the right materials to make one, you can do worse than a humble pizza box.

Pizza Hut’s handy guide to making a pinhole projector for watching the eclipse includes all the steps you need – a small piece of foil, taped to one side of the box, with a small hole on it, will create a nice projection of the sun and the moon during the eclipse.

Of course, this projection method of viewing the eclipse will only work well if the day itself is bright and sunny where you live. If there are clouds covering the sky, you’re unfortunately not going to get the best view of the event through a projector.

It is notable that if you try this at home, made out of a pizza box, your projector will be a lot greasier and will have some extra cheese, tomato sauce, and possibly some pepperoni stuck to it.

Of course, you can always specially request that the delivery comes with an extra, clean box – depending on your local restaurant, Pizza Hut may be willing to accommodate you.

This is a great way to keep yourself safe from the damage that staring directly at the sun can do to your eyes while you enjoy the eclipse.

Plus, you also get to have pizza, which instantly makes the experience of watching the moon blot out the sun all the more enjoyable.