Pringles Fans Are Going Nuts for a New Flavor Based on a Popular Japanese Snack

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Instagram/Pringles)

Japanese food is delicious.

Pringles are great, and come in a variety of tasty flavors.

You do the math.

The famous tinned potato chips have teamed up with Japanese brand Nissin to produce a Top Ramen noodle flavored variety of Pringles, and first reports are that, as you can probably guess, they’re absolutely amazing.

Top Ramen Pringles
Source: Brayden Curtis

According to Foodbeast, while these chips lack the slipperly, slurpy experience of actually tucking into a bowl of noodles (for obvious reasons), they taste very similar to crunching raw ramen – an experience that’s very, very Japanese, and that is quickly growing in popularity around the rest of the world.

These noodley Pringles are soon to become available across America, which means that unlike many weird Japanese food mash-ups, these are actually going to be a snack option for those who aren’t planning to spend an arm and a leg on a trans-pacific airplane ticket.

Sadly, this is a strictly limited edition flavor at present, but depending how popular they prove, there’s every possibility that ramen flavored Pringles might just become the new universally beloved potato chip flavor.

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