The Creamy Sriracha Ramen Hack You Never Knew You Needed

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You've eaten it raw, you've eaten it cooked. You've eaten it in a box, you've eaten it with a fox. You've eaten it because it's dirt cheap, you've eaten it in your sleep. There's a reason we're not poets.

No food strikes the nostalgia bone quite like ramen. Damn near everyone has lived off the dirt-cheap noodles at some point in their lives. Except Donald Trump, which actually makes us like them even more. *high fives the 99%*

But no matter how much we love the original basic-bitch noodles, there's only so much you can do. Eventuall they get boring. Even if you add different spices and proteins to stretch the dish, you're always resigned to a watery, thin bowl of pasta. 

Or are you?

This type of ramen is making a huge splash in the New York dining scene. Instead of serving up a soupy ramen (the kind that we all know and love), why not make a rich, creamy version instead? This recipe removes most of the broth from the dish, then adds a healthy amount of butter, along with Sriracha for flavor.



Recipe and images provided by Sydney Kramer of Crepes of Wrath. Save that card to your smart phone for reference, and check out our creamy ramen in action below:



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