Real Life Hamburglar Breaks Into McDonald’s Restaurant Through an Ingenious Drive-Thru Hack

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

McDonald’s fans beware – the Hamburglar is real, and he’s got a simple yet brilliant strategy for making away with your local restaurant’s tasty burgers.

The Baltimore Sun reports that an unidentified woman – yes, turns out the real Hamburglar is female – broke into a local restaurant at around 1am in order to steal a bunch of food, cash from the registers, and at least one Happy Meal toy.

So what dastardly scheme did the thief use in order to gain access to the restaurant?

Simple: she stuck her head in the Drive-Thru window, realized that nobody was around, and climbed in.

What makes this absolutely perfect is that there’s a full CCTV video of the daring crime in action.

Released to the public ostensibly to try and figure out if anyone recognizes the Hamburglar (she’s not exactly wearing a mask), the video is absolutely hilarious.

The Hamburglar sticks her head in, looks around, and her first thought appears to be that she might as well steal a soda. Then, clearly realizing that she has a pretty big opportunity before her, she climbs through the window, loads up a box full of food and toys, grabs some cash, and then slowly makes her way back through the window again, out into the night.

No doubt the employees of this particular McDonald’s had some explaining to do the next morning, but the good news is that, apart from the cash in the register, nothing of value was taken. McDonald’s food isn’t exactly expensive at any point in the process, so the restaurant is unlikely to go bankrupt over the theft of a few Happy Meal toys.