Recipe Witchcraft: Make This Chocolate Ball With an Ice Cream Sundae Inside


(Photo: obsev / imgur)

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an award-winning chocolate ball with a delicious vanilla ice cream, strawberry, and peanut medley hidden inside, look no further than these easy peasy steps. While the final product may look like a million bucks, Byron Talbott's classic recipe is hassle-free and fits into any budget. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Melt That Sh*t

In order to create the orgasmic hollow chocolate ball, first boil some water in a small saucepan with a stainless steel bowl placed over it. Once the bowl is warm, add a cup or so of dark chocolate chips.

Step 2: Give the Chocolate Chips a Swirl

Be sure to swirl the chips and melt them evenly, until all the chocolate transforms into a glorious liquid-like consistency. 

Step 3: Pour the Chocolate Into a Mold

Once the chocolate is melted, pour the liquid greatness into one half of a spherical mold, like the one shown above. 

Step 4: Play With the Chocolate Ball, Then Let It Rest 

Place the other half of the mold on top. Then, gently rotate the chocolate ball to evenly coat the inside. Let it sit until the chocolate returns to being solid.

Step 5: Create a Holy Chocolate Ball

Once the chocolate has hardened, retrieve it from the sphere and gently push it onto the base of a warmed upside-down glass bowl to create an open bottom. Congratulations—you now have a “holy chocolate ball” you can set aside. 

Step 6: Class Things Up

Grab your favorite ice cream, place a scoop of it into a bowl, and top it with strawberries, peanuts, and basically whatever else your heart desires. Whatever you do, make it pretty. 

Step 7: Taste How Close You Are

As one of the final steps, skillfully place the hollow chocolate ball over the ice cream medley. You made it this far, so don’t f*ck up. 

Step 8: Watch the Magic Unfold Before Your Eyes

Pour a warmed caramel sauce over the chocolate ball and watch the sphere you just worked so hard to create disappear right before your eyes. It’s OK, though, considering there’s an ice cream sundae inside! Eat and enjoy.