Restaurant Creates Edible Lego Brick Burger

Matthew Loffhagen
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We all know that Lego bricks are capable of inflicting pain on the unprepared.

Everyone’s stepped on a tiny jagged plastic block before, and knows first-hand the utter devastation that one of these toys can cause to your good mood.

So when someone suggests you eat a Lego brick, you might be inclined to think they’re insulting you, or wishing harm on your poor internal organs.

Not so anymore; one restaurant has created a delicious edible burger bun which is shaped like a tradition two by two stud Lego brick.



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Brick Burger in The Philippines serves specialty burgers that are designed to look like the world’s most popular building block toy. These come in a range of different bright colors (and black, if you’re feeling adventurous) and even come with adorable little flags that look suspiciously similar to the Lego brand logo.

Of course, while these burgers aren’t official Lego merchandise, they’re completely legal – the traditional Lego brick has been out of copyright for several years now (which is why knockoff toy ranges like Mega Bloks are able to stay in business despite ripping off their core product).



So if you’re willing to take a trip to the Philippines just for a Lego-shaped burger, this might be the experience for you.

Otherwise, it’s best to stick to the food at the nearest Legoland theme park, even if the food there isn’t quite as blocky in design.



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