Restaurants Are Trying To Make The Tide Pod Challenge Something That’s Actually Edible


(Photo: restaurants are cashing in on the Tide Pod challenge)

As completely rational people, we should know that eating laundry pods is not a good idea. However, the craze is sweeping the internet and people are eating Tide laundry detergent packets like never before. It seems completely ridiculous, but it’s true. In order to combat the unhealthy nature of this fad, restaurants are cashing in on the Tide Pod Challenge. Savvy restaurant owners are creating foods that mimic the look of the popular laundry pods.

Sean Berthiaume, one of owners of Vinnie’s Pizza in Brooklyn, New York, had the idea to make pizzas that looked similar to the popular Tide pods. “I got up early and immediately started making them,” he said, “They’re 100 percent edible. There’s no poison or soap or anything in them.”

Vinnie’s Pizza isn’t the only one chasing the trend, Hurts Donuts released a donut that looks like a Tide laundry pod as well, hoping to lure people away from eating the poisonous laundry items.

People are eating it up too, literally and figuratively. Hurts Donut customer, Melissa Beshirs told her story about the donuts, “My 16-year-old son has been making all these jokes about Tide pods and showing me all the memes with them and he saw that they had them here with the donuts and so I told him I would buy him some.”

No one can really understand why and how the Tide Pod Challenge got started, but most people would agree that not only is it incredibly stupid, but it’s insanely dangerous. The pods are not meant for consumption and can actually have horrible effects on your health.

So people, please listen. Avoid eating these things at all costs. Stop being dumb and eat real human food.