‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Petition McDonald’s to Bring Back the Szechuan Sauce

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Adult Swim)

Well, the third season of Rick and Morty is finally with us, and after enjoying the show’s first episode, its fans demand only two things.

Firstly, we want more episodes.

Secondly, we want McDonald’s to bring back their 1998 Mulan Chicken McNugget Szechuan dipping sauce.

This is all that matters.

Following Rick’s impassioned speech demanding the return of the twenty year old dipping sauce, fans have announced that they too, suddenly, need the sauce back in their lives.

They hadn’t realized they’d missed the flavor, but now they can’t stop thinking about it.


Anybody else do this today?


Naturally, this had led rather quickly to a Change.org petition, which has over twelve thousand signatures at the time of writing, asking for McDonald’s to bring back their brand new favorite McNuggets dipping sauce.

It seems that the fast food mega giant is hardly aware of their newfound popularity, though, as a recent tweet suggests:



So while for the most part, online petitions are all but entirely useless, this time fans might just get exactly what they want.

Unless, of course, this is all a ruse, created by a smart marketing department. Fans of Rick and Morty have been quick to note that Disney is working on a new live action adaptation of the classic cartoon, and suggest that this may be a sneaky way to drum up interest in a future McDonald’s promotion.

If that’s the case, well played, McDonald’s. Well played indeed.

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