The Rock Breaks World Record With 540-Pound 7-Layer Dip

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

The star power of the Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is so great, he can accomplish record-breaking feats without even being in the room.

The actor and former pro wrestler known for his epic cheat day meals helped to assemble yet another one—a feast so massive, even the 6'5", 260-pound beefcake needed help in consuming it.

Johnson's production company, Seven Bucks Studios, concocted a seven-layer dip that weighed in at 540 pounds. It consisted of 153.6 pounds of refried beans, 76.8 pounds sour cream with 9.6 quarts of seasoning mixed in, 76.8 pounds of cheese, 38.4 quarts of guacamole, 38.4 quarts tomatoes, 19.2 quarts green onions, and 37.2 quarts of black olives, and took a four-person team five hours to assemble.

They even had the good people of Guinness on hand to judge the whole thing and make sure the aquarium-encased monstrosity broke the previous world record of 440.925 pounds.

And, because it wouldn't be a Dwayne Johnson production without a genuine act of kindness baked inside, the whole enchilada—er, bean dip, was delivered to Los Angeles' Midnight Mission for the homeless, to be eaten during the Super Bowl.

While the Rock wasn't there—such is the life of the highest-paid actor of 2016—he didn't hesitate to take credit for his team's creation on Twitter.

The Rock also holds the record for the most selfies taken in three minutes: 105, snapped at the San Andreas London premiere.