A Rum and Cider Alternative to the Working Mule

Ross Gardiner
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Don’t be put off by the name. We’re not giving you an aquamarine-colored Tiki cocktail garnished with a pineapple head skewering maraschino cherries, served in a half coconut with a Krazy straw poking out.

It has rum in it. That’s all.

This cocktail is a lot more seasonal than the name suggests – something that makes me think it would probably be wise to change the name. But then what would come of all these words I’ve already written? The ‘Spiced Apple’ part of the name comes from the cider, the ginger beer and the sage apple garnish. They work beautifully with the spiced rum to create something that is entirely new yet haunted by nostalgia rooted in the basic Moscow Mule equation.



2 oz. Spiced Rum (Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry are perfect)

½ oz. Lemon juice

½ oz. Simple syrup

1 oz. Cider (Woodchuck will do the trick but feel free to get fancy)

1 oz. Ginger Beer (Bundaberg is a phenomenal choice) 

1 Salted Sage Gala Apple slice*


1.     Add Rum to an iced highball glass. Add lemon and simple syrup. Stir.

2.     Top up glass with cider and ginger beer. Stir again.

3.     Add salted sage apple to the edge of the glass.

4.     Absorb.


*Cut a Gala Apple into thin slices. Add a little oil to a pan. Toss in apple slices with chopped sage and sea salt. Drizzle with rum. Cook until golden brown. Sprinkle with a little Turbinado sugar.

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