Scientific Fact: Drinking a Six-Pack Will Give You a Six-Pack


(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

Forget inspirational quotes to motivate you to reach your fitness goals—apparently, all you need is the promise of an alcoholic beverage as a prize for finishing your workout if you want to keep up your exercise routine.

It’s science. Several studies have shown that people who drink moderately tend to exercise more than people who don’t. Leigh Leasure (what an appropriate name), an Associate Professor and Director of the Behavioral Neuroscience Lab at the University of Houston, says that not only is alcohol beneficial in moderation when it comes to working out, but so is the celebration factor.

“…You don't even have to have a victory, to want to celebrate, you may be feeling good because of the exercise and want to carry on that feeling into the bar,” she says. “There are a lot of parallels in terms of how the brain responds to exercise and alcohol. It does make you wonder if people are feeling good when they exercise and people feel good when they have a drink, maybe they continue to seek out that experience."

Some studies even suggest that beer can be used as a replacement sports drink: the nutrients in the hops and the sugar can work if sodium is added and the alcohol content is fairly low.

And people are starting to catch on—Mike Zamzow, owner of Bull Falls Brewery in Wausau, Wisconsin, will offer a fitness class called “Butts and Brews” at his brewery starting next week.

The class will combine cardio and yoga and use beer as a motivator—after the workout session, all those who attend will be rewarded with an ice-cold brew. Apparently, Zamzow got the idea after hearing about a yoga class offered at a Minnesota brewery; however, he’s had success with the whole combining-beer-and-exercise thing before. His brewery hosted a 5K run, complete with kegs at the end, and raised over $17,000 for charity.

So basically, all you need to get in shape is the promise of beer afterwards. Where do these classes exist in LA and where can I sign up?