See Just How Huge The World’s Largest Pizza Really Was

Malcolm Freberg
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The news that broke the internet this week comes from the Expo Milan 2015, where a massive team of chefs created the pizza the world deserves. The unnamed dish — my vote is for 'Optimus Pepperoni', I'll be here all week — measured in at over 5,000 feet, coming up just short of the mile mark. The pie shattered the previous record by thousands of feet, setting a new Guiness World Record that should hold up until Expo Milan 2016.

To help wrap your mind around how staggeringly huge this pizza was, and the amount of effort that went into it, The Savory put together this nifty little graphic, complete with Game of Thrones references.

Screw you Olly. Everyone else, enjoy:

Lora Lee / The Savory