See the Most Offensive Restaurant Receipts Ever Conceived by Jackass Servers


(Photo: OBSEV/Shutterstock)

When most people dine at restaurants, they don’t expect to be insulted by the bill. However, thanks to some asshole servers, once in a while customers are left questioning their identity by catching offensive monikers listed at the top of their receipts.  

The latest news comes from an IHOP near Austin, Texas, where a restaurant server labeled a patron’s to-go receipt “BLACK PPL.”  While the server himself was a young black man, the African American couple that picked up their order was CLEARLY not amused, finding the labeling racist and inappropriate.

Unfortunately, profane messages written by not-so-bright restaurant servers are not a new thing. Back in August, a patron at a restaurant in Denver found “you f*cking Mexicans” printed on her receipt. In 2014, a black man’s receipt had the "N word" scribbled on it.

Here are some of the most obnoxious customer receipts to date: 

As mentioned above, the African American couple that found "BLACK PPL" written on their IHOP receipt was not impressed. 

A Papa John's customer snapped a photo of her receipt, which had "lady chinky eyes" written in place of her name. 

A woman ordering a veggie bowl with fried pickles got more than she asked for when she found "Best Butt" and "Best Looking" on her receipt. 

This didn't take place at a restaurant, but apparently, Alex was an asshole. 

Two Burger King employees in Sacramento were canned after a customer noticed his receipt read "F*CK YOU" where it would normally say "Thank You." 

A Maryland woman got called out by her server for being an "ugly itch" from "ghettohood, USA."

Chick-fil-A came under fire when an employee wrote "CHING" and "CHONG" to identify two Asian customers. 

According to Mike, "High As Sh*t Kids" was the only way he could describe his current customers. 

A server at Chilly D's in Stockton, CA simply called his customers "Fat Girls." 

A server in New York decided to give customers a break and identify herself as "Pookie Sexbomb."

A server at a restaurant in the U.K. requested that his customer "SUCK MY D*CK F*CK FACE" for free. 


A customer at a juice shop apparently wanted their smoothie blended, yo! 

This restaurant server identified her customers according to who they were sitting next to, entering "lady right of guy no hair," and "guy right of black lady." 


Last but not least, this order was apparently made "FOR A BLACK PERSON."