See The Wacky World of Edible Stadiums



You think you're the king of Sunday.

You know all the stats and scores, coaches and commissioners, the players and their rotating cast of Instagram model flings. You watch every game, blackouts be damned: the TV's on, the iPad's streaming, the laptop's using your parent's Slingbox in Florida.

Your friends — assuming you have any — practically live at your place on Sunday. And because they're good guys (imaginary though they may be), they contribute to the snack stash. Chips and dip, pizza, grilled meats and buffalo wings. And of course beer, glorious beer. All those foods your significant other bans 6 days of the week are gorged on the 7th.

You think you're the king of Sunday.

But you're wrong.


I know what you're thinking. "Impressive, but one person doing this one time does not usurp my throne." And I'd agree with you. One over-the-top platter does not a king make. Related: #BringJonSnowBack

But unfortunately for you, stadium platters are totes a thing.



I believe that, at this juncture, the kids would say, "Get on my level."

The history of making edible football stadiums is shrouded in mystery — meaning the Google search of 'history edible stadiums' turned up no results. But crazy DIYers with Pinterest accounts have apparently been at this for ages.

These images raise many questions: what life goals colad have been achieved in the amount of time this took? Why is their a disturbing lack of alcohol incorporated? Do guests ever actually eat these, given their knowledge that the host must've touched literally everything?


If you want to try you hand at building an edible stadium, have at it. But this is outside my expertise. I'm not afraid to admit when I'm out of my depth; I cannot help you regain your crown.

But for the rest of you, I do have an alternative — get drunk in a competitive manner! Check out The Savory's Fantasy Drinking game below, complete with this kick-ass football shaker from StoneCask