Seedless Avocados Are Now A Thing And It’s Mind Blowing


(Photo: Pinterest)

Avocados have become one of America’s favorite foods. We put them on everything. Chips are lonely without guacamole. And if there wasn’t avocado toast at brunch, did brunch really happen? Avocados also have the “good fat” going for them. But their downfall has always been their huge-ass seed. (And the fact that they are ripe only for as long as it takes you to take a shower.) But for real, seedless avocados now exist. And that makes us amped AF.

The British retail chain Mark & Spencer is behind the seedless avocados. They call them “cocktail avocados.” Without the pit, cocktail avocados are much slimmer. In fact, they look more like cucumbers than avocados. Specialty Produce of San Diego says they’re “simply the result of an unpollinated avocado blossom.” Astonishing.

While seedless avocados are mind-blowing enough, there’s something even more special about them. LITERALLY ALL OF THE AVOCADO IS EDIBLE. You. Can. Eat. The. Skin. 

This is all because of avocado slicing injuries. Many people cut or stab their hands while removing avocado pits. Avocado distribution companies have to put warning labels on the fruit. Because so many people hurt themselves. But soon that may be a thing of the past.

You can find seedless avocados in stores all over the world. But only limited supplies are available.