Show Your Love with a Nutella Doughnut Bouquet

Matthew Loffhagen
Dessert Boxes
(Photo: Dessert Boxes)

The problem with flowers is that there’s not much to do with them except look at them.

Sure, you can give them a sniff, but as far as a show of affection goes, they’re not particularly exciting or interactive.

Now a bouquet of Nutella-filled doughnuts, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of delicious romantic gesture that anyone would want to receive!


Yesterday we had our first proposal! We can guarantee she said YES to this one! #dessertboxes

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Dessert Boxes, a company in Australia, sells a brand new kind of bouquet, which, instead of featuring flowers, is made up entirely of doughnuts. The bouquets come in secure bags, and are strung together to look like a real bunch of flowers.

Each tasty baked treat comes overflowing with Nutella, but there’s also an additional syringe with each other that bears a personal message, just in case you feel like one of these doughnuts needs a top-up (or if you want to shoot the entire syringe-worth of Nutella into your own open mouth).


Cause guys like receiving bouquets too! And oversized Nutella syringes. #dessertboxes#donuts#donutbouquet

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There’s a variety of different bouquets available, in case Nutella-filled baked goods aren’t your thing, but let’s be honest, you’re not exactly going to turn down the Nutella syringe that comes even with iced ring doughnuts.

The only downside to this wondrous new way of showing love to your special someone, is the fact that Dessert Boxes currently only operates in Australia.

At least you can borrow the idea, though, the next time your partner’s birthday rolls around!

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