Sriracha Is Completely Overrated And Hipsters Are To Blame

Lindsay Weglarz
Sriracha is overrated
(Photo: ShannonMcCook / Instagram)

Sriracha Is Overrated And Hipsters Are To Blame

Sriracha is Completely overrated

Sriracha is a cool new trend that needs to go. It’s like a spicy ketchup, but nowhere near as tasty. For whatever reason tons of people are now obsessing over this condiment. Namely, hipsters.

Since Sriracha tastes disgusting it’s obvious that you use it more for show than taste. It’s like a cool accessory to have in a photo you post to your Instagram. Foodies LOVE putting Sriracha bottles in their shots. (And most foodies are hipsters.) I’ve even seen a tiny Sriracha pin on a hipster’s overpriced “vintage” jacket from Urban Outfitters. Sriracha is overrated as a condiment, but as a fashion statement it is slightly more tolerable.

Sriracha is completely overrated

There are so many other delicious condiments, so that’s why I don’t buy that people actually like this stuff. Tabasco sauce is still #1 for adding heat, in my opinion. Next would probably be Tapatio. I only use Sriracha if I am desperate AF, and need something to add spice to my grilled cheese. Or, I guess I would use it if I was a hipster with a beard way too big for my face.

Sriracha is completely overrated

Bottom line is, I see through your hipster antics. If you want to #MakeCondimentsCoolAgain at least use one that tastes bomb. Like honey mustard. Because I feel like honey mustard is totally the next hipster trend. You, in your thick-rimmed glasses and Goodwill overalls, dipping a crispy fry into the sweet-yet-savory yellow sauce. But just PLEASE stop trying to make Sriracha happen. It’s never going to happen!

Sriracha is completely overrated