Starbucks Begins Testing Ice Cream Espresso in Orange County

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Instagam)

Have you ever had a Starbucks espresso, and wished that it was a little colder?

Or, perhaps, a lot colder?

If this weirdly specific and counter-intuitive chilly coffee beverage is your secret wish, then it’s time to rejoice – Starbucks is testing a new drink that’s basically just a shot of Espresso poured over ice cream.

In the Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, as well as in some stores across the country, Starbucks had been testing out its new frozen drinks range. They’ve proven successful, and as such, around a hundred Starbucks scattered throughout Orange County will now temporarily stock these delicious treats.



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There are actually three varieties of ice cream drinks available, all of which are made with vanilla ice cream that’s sourced from a small-batch creamery in Washington.

The Affogato is proving the most popular of the range – this is a single scoop of ice cream that has two shots of vanilla poured over the top. Also available is the Cold Brew Float, which features cold brew or Nitro cold brew poured over ice cream, while the Cold Brew Malt involves mixing cold brew together with ice cream, alongside dark chocolate.

While the current test is confined to California, it’s very likely that Starbucks will expand the availability of its range of ice cream drinks once the weather warms up in time for summer.

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