Starbucks Faces $5 Million Lawsuit for ‘Too Much Ice’ in Iced Coffee


(Photo: OBSEV / Flickr @Marco Arment)

This kind of reminds me of that lawsuit against McDonald’s in which some lady tried to sue the fast food chain for their coffee being too hot. I guess there has to be at least one of these every year, so here’s the 2016 version — Starbucks is being sued for a whopping $5 million dollars over putting too much ice in their iced beverages.

According to Telegraph, a woman named Stacy Pincus from Chicago filed a 29-page complaint in the Northern Illinois Federal Court last week and claims that the coffee chain is misleading customers by advertising for a certain size and only giving customers a fraction of what they’re advertising.


The complaint reads, “A Starbucks customer who orders a Venti cold drink receives only 14 fluid ounces of that drink – just over half the advertised amount, and just over half the amount for which they are paying. In essence, Starbucks is advertising the size of its cold drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive when they purchase a cold drink — and deceiving its customers in the process.”

The lawsuit filed by Pincus is a class action lawsuit and if the case is successful, those who have ordered an iced beverage in the past 10-years could benefit from it.

Starbucks isn’t backing down though. The company told TMZ, “Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of an ‘iced’ beverage.”

We get it, but there’s also this little hack called “light ice” that can help you get a few more ounces of your favorite cold beverages.